Foot Pain – 10 Tips On How To Manage The Onset Of Arthritis

Foot Pain – Arthritis – 10 Tips on How to Stop it Occurring Or at Least Slow Its Progression

Technically, arthritis is the inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, an increase in fluid in the joint, and frequently changes in structure and function. It can be extremely painful and crippling, particularly when it manifests itself as arthritis of feet. The small joints in the feet are especially vulnerable due to the daily stress and loads they must carry.

Feet walking in sports shoes

Walking is good exercise for feet

Here are 10 tips to prevent arthritis from occurring or to at least slow its progression.

 1. Be sure to always purchase proper fitting footwear. Remember shoes should always be both comfortable and supportive, with no binding, pinching, or rubbing. These could irritate your joints.

2. If you find your joints are stiff or inflamed, then take necessary rest and stay off your feet until they feel better. Rest is essential to your feet’s well being.
 3. Lose some weight if you are carrying extra poundage. Extra weight adds both stress to weight-bearing joints and can also initiate the development of future foot problems.
 4. Remember to take exercise on a regular basis. Aim to stay active and flexible. Walking, swimming and yoga are excellent.
 5. Concentrate on developing and maintaining a good posture. This will keep your body weight even distributed over each foot.
 6. Keep feet warm and dry.
 7. Maintain a healthy diet
 8. Avoid a stressful lifestyle – stress can sometimes exacerbate an existing arthritic condition.
 9. Avoid smoking, and excesses of caffeine and alcohol, protein and fat.
 10. Above all, maintain regular communication with your doctor and notify of any changes in the condition of your feet.

feet and legs in the air

Exercise at the beach is good for the feet

Arthritis can be distressing and unsettling but there is much that you can do to alleviate its effect on your feet. For more essential information, advice and resources on foot problems, treatment options and tips on relieving sore feet head over to []

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